Saturday, August 2, 2008

General: My Saturday Morning

This Saturday was a working-Bee at the Hazelbrook Bowling and Sporting Club, likely to soon be renamed Club Hazelbrook.
(I suggested "Club Hazo'", that being the local idiom for our village, but they weren't convinced ;-)

This effort was mainly to replace the protective surround on one of the bowling greens to prevent damage to bowls travelling at speed off of the edge of the green.
This typically occurs when a bowler 'Drives' the bowl to try and clear opponents bowls away from the Jack (small white ball).
Seemingly an increasingly common gambit with the younger men now entering the game!

Astroturf Adhesive is some of the stickiest stuff around, and even trickier to work with in large quantities.

A float full of Astroturf adhesive, once you start you can't stop, because you can't put the float down with it stuck to your glove!

Anyway, Here are some pictures to give you an impression of the day.

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