Saturday, July 12, 2008

General: Petrol $8/Litre - Bring it on!

I have made no secret for my disgust at the Dickensian attitude of employers to teleworking.
They aren't happy if they can't see people at desks like some 21st century counting-house.
It's not like they don't have a million metrics to measure employee productivity that have nothing at all to do with where the employee is located.

NO clerical work not actually requiring personal contact with other people should require the worker to leave home in this day and age.

Get rid of that stupid fixation and see how much fuel consumption, traffic congestion, car-parking and time wasted on pointless travel is eliminated.

And it's not just workers, get a load of this video -

Do you really need to send a kid to school for them to do P.E.? of course not.
Since they can get all the information and explanation in detail on any subject in the world these days, how many hours could we cut off the school day and leave them plenty of hours of daylight for play and social interaction and forming friendships.
Schools aren't so much there for the kids as for the parents to have a place to send them while they both go out to work.
Maybe the fuel crisis (real or a marketing ploy) will help drive initiatives like this one -

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Nika said...

Excellent article! You touched on a lot of things I've been discussing in private conversations, recently. I've been saying for at least 10 years now that the option to work from home 'should be coming within the next two years'. Now lately, I have noticed some steps in the right direction. Some companies are allowing people to work partial days from home, or even come into the office just a couple of times a week. Also, I've noticed via social networking sites like Plurk that people are mentioning working from home a lot more often than I used to see.

We still have a long way to go. But it is asinine to me that more companies are not taking advantage of the internet and database systems to manage employees remotely.

Think about it. By logging into a central database, an employer would easily be able to monitor the productivity of their employees by either measuring keystrokes per minute for data entry type jobs.. or very easily having a 'session timeout' system put into place that would log the employee out if they were idle for more than a predetermined amount of minutes. This would be sent as an alert to the database or even the employers email, and would log how often the employee went idle during the day.

Like I said, I have a lot of thoughts on this, and will be writing about it soon.